Fernando Simón Yarza, Associate Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Navarra

“My working experience with David Ronder has been just extraordinary. His command of the English language and outstanding writing skills have improved my work up to the highest academic standards.”

Manuela González, handwriting expert and art historian

“I am happy with David’s translation of my book. He is a serious, rigorous and methodical professional – but also very friendly to deal with, approachable and willing to engage in dialogue. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Jaume Aurell, Professor of History, University of Navarra

“I have assiduously used the services of David Ronder for translation and, above all, revision of Spanish to English texts, and have been really very satisfied with his work; apart from the care and excellence he shows, I particularly value his quality-price ratio.”

Dr Massimiliano Fiore, formerly of Kings College, London

“I could not have completed the book without the valuable contribution of David Ronder, who read the whole manuscript, and pointed to many errors and inadequacies.”

Mercedes Sánchez-Marco, Architect and Translator

“I was very fortunate to hire David as a translator of a couple of history books. Working with him was a delight, and [he is] a trusted resource for historical projects.”

Robert Rogge, Project Manager, Ricaris Translation Agency, Barcelona

“Working with David is a real pleasure. His translations are always excellent and communication with him is easy.”

Peter Groenink, Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreter

“…pleasant cooperation, short lead times, excellent quality.”